Snow Removal In Ottawa

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Winter in Canada is full of surprises. So unpredictable, snow can clutter your yard in the blink of an eye if you don’t fix it quickly. Every year, there are some who arrive late for work because their cars are stuck, then others who are injured while shoveling or sliding on the ice hidden under the snow. In short, all this to come to an elementary concept: in Quebec during the winter, if you do not have the strength or the time to shovel regularly, it makes you choose a good snow plow. Luckily, We offers a reliable snow removal service at all times.


We are proud to offer our valued customers the best service in residential snow removal, thanks to our high quality standards. Our courteous and efficient customer service has made our reputation. We have great respect for property and our operators are educated to adopt safe driving in order to ensure the safety of the children in your neighborhood.

The snow removal operation is carried out by a qualified and experienced operator using a tractor-blower equipped with a retraction plow. We also pay special attention when blowing snow.

Our equipment is at the cutting edge of technology and we are constantly working to improve it. Indeed, our blower tractors are equipped with a retraction scraper with an exclusive wheel system as well as protective rubber bands, which avoids friction without damaging the asphalt entrances, just like those in uni-stone, all leaving the pebbles on the ground in the gravel entrances.

Snow Removal In Ottawa
Snow Removal In Ottawa

The advantages of choosing a residential snow removal company located near your property:

  • Shorter response time

It is difficult for everyone to drive during a heavy snowfall or storm. Visibility is reduced for snow plows as for all other drivers. If the snow removal company is located near where you live, snow removal will likely get to your home more easily and you will have to wait less.

  • Higher frequency of snow removal

If snow has been falling steadily for a long period of time, it is more likely that a storefront snow plow near you will come back to clean your driveway more frequently than if they had a long haul and traffic jams. traffic to face.

For example, it is common for a snow plow very early in the morning to simply come and remove the snow fill that the snow plow left behind during its passage overnight so that you can get your vehicles out of your driveway.

He will come back later, when your entrance is accessible, to complete the work and possibly also when the snow has stopped, according to the terms mentioned in your contract.

  • Strength in numbers

If the snow plow is to come to your area only for you alone, there are risks that it will not move as often as if it can go to an area where it has the possibility of clearing several entrances for the same length of time it would take to get to your place.

Frequently Asked Question

We sure wish we could catch the snow as soon as it falls, but let’s be realistic. A good service is that you are able to exit your parking lot on your way to work and have your driveway completely cleared of snow when the storm is over. You still need understanding. For example, if there is a 30cm precipitation in an hour, it becomes impossible for any snow removal company.

Yes of course! The difference is at the start of the season and also sometimes at the end of the season. We need a buildup of snow in the parking lot to make a solid bottom so that we don’t send all the gravel on the grass. That said, although we pay close attention, it is very likely that you will still have a small amount of gravel on the grass in the spring.

Our blowers are equipped with TIVAR knives. It is a product similar to Teflon, but of better quality. This ensures that no metal part comes into contact with the paving stone.
Yes. During the first outing, we only remove the snow strip. Then it gives you time to park on the street if possible so that we can do the full parking. If you do not intend to remove the car, we ask that you park as deep as possible and as close as possible to one side so that the drivers can clear snow as best as possible.
Usually yes. We wait a bit if there is someone waving to us. But you have to understand that we cannot wait too long for the same reasons that the speed of our service is important to all customers.

Why Choose Us For Your Lawn Maintenace

We know Everyting there is to know about Residential Snow Removal: We are professionals using recent top quality equipment for a job well done and safe. In addition, we are proactive in monitoring the weather closely. We arrive on the pitch as soon as there is sufficient accumulations, greater than five centimeters. And when there is a storm day, we move twice rather than once. No more snow accumulation problems!

We have 4+ years of experience

We have been in the Snow Removal business for over 6 years and have clear all kinds of parking. Choose us if you need an expert.

We come fully equipped

Different Ice Removal services require different tools and materials. We have everything we need to get the job done right in house and always come fully equipped so your home is in perfect condition when we leave.

Best value for your money

We offer affordable Snow removal services with the best value for your money. 

Professional & experienced staff

Our staff members are fully trained, insured and have practical experience. You can always rely on them for expert advice on after care.

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