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We provides residential and commercial lawn & landscaping services for homeowners and property managers alike. Experienced, insured, and professional, our lawn crews are comprised of individuals whose first priority is customer satisfaction. We want to help you create the best first impression with an immaculate landscape.

Our mission is to deliver top quality lawns and gardens all over the year. We aim for perfection, never compromise on quality of service to get our job done.

With the right care, your grass can turn into a pleasant looking yard similar to a high quality gold course standard. Our aim is to help you achieve those results and to advise you on how to maintain your lawn and keep your garden looking great throughout the year. 



Lawn Care Services Ottawa

Lawn Care Program

We employ a fertilization program unique to our area that provides outstanding results. Our knowledgeable technicians implement the most effective application techniques using only the highest quality lawn care products available. The program runs April- November .

  • We will use Rake to clear fallen leaves and twigs but more importantly; to strip out dead and brown grass (“thatch”) to allow more light through to new shoots.
  • Fertilise: we use slow release, mineral based granular fertilizers specifically formulated for individual time periods during the growing season. This allows us to tailor nutrient ratios to each stage of growth optimizing your lawns growth potential
  • Mowing: Now’s the time to get our mower serviced and the blades sharpened or changed. If you’ve been mowing with a catcher over winter, switch to mulch mowing now. 
  • Crabgrass Control: We use a granular product that prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating and provides a barrier of protection for your lawn
  • Weed Control: We use liquid weed control for increased effectiveness on broadleaf weeds. Liquid will adhere to the leaf surface whereas granular products will tend to roll off
  • Grub Control: We use a granular product that will protect your lawn as grubs make their way up through the soil profile to begin feeding at the root zone
  • Insect Control: Sometimes insects can reach population levels that can severely damage your lawn. In these cases, the need for control will be assessed on a situational basis. If deemed necessary pest controls can be applied where needed

Application Schedule


We make our first visit as soon as the weather warms up. We will apply pre-emergent crabgrass and broadleaf control as well as a balanced fertilizer to give your grass a boost as it comes out of dormancy. As spring progresses we will make another trip out to spray for weeds and apply more fertilizer to keep your grass thick and strong. On this trip, we will also check for grubs or other pests that might be damaging your lawn.

  • Helps encourage early green up
  • Prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating
  • Helps thicken up lawn and choke out weeds
  • Prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating, and controls existing crabgrass up to the first tiller stage.
  • Targets broadleaf weeds while they are actively growing and vulnerable


When summer starts we will apply another balanced fertilizer to keep your grass green and prepare it for summer. Targeted spot spraying will be applied as well as grub applications if necessary. Time to change up the fertilizer again to get your grass through the final weeks of summer and prepare for fall. More targeted weed treatment and pest inspection.

Balanced slow release fertilizer, liquid weed control (as needed) , grub preventer and surface feeding insect control as needed

  • Helps your lawn take advantage of any available moisture
  • Targets broadleaf weeds while they are actively growing and vulnerable
  • Protects against grubs, and controls surface feeding insects.
  • Helps your lawn take advantage of any available moisture
  • Replenishes depleted nutrients and soil


On our final visit, we will spray one last time for weeds and pests (if necessary) and apply a final application of fertilizer designed to promote root growth and keep your grass greener through the cold months

Balanced slow release fertilizer and liquid weed control as needed

  • Helps lawn recover from hot summer months
  • Targets any broadleaf weeds while they are actively growing and vulnerable 
  • Promotes root development
  • Allows your lawn to store nutrients which are immediately available come spring


John S
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“I have used Trimline for a few years and my yard looks better than ever! They have done many different services for me such as fertilization, aeration, lawn rolling and I have been more than satisfied with all of their services. They are very professional and affordable. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work Trimline”

Our Lawn Care Services You Can Count On:

We have become a one-stop-solution for lawn care and lawn mowing services in the Ottawa area. No operation is too big or small for us. We operate with complete transparency and always deliver what we promise. For more information on the best lawn care advice,  get in touch to book a service or ask a question? Call us on 8195927664 or send us a message!

Why Choose Us For Your Lawn Maintenace

We know Everyting there is to know about Grass: There are different varieties of grass – with each variety different in terms of climate and region. This means the grass cutting treatment required in Ottawa will vary from that required in Vancouver . This is where you need to rely on professionals who knows how to treat your grass for pests and disease, plant seeds and when to aerate the grass.

We have 4+ years of experience

We have been in the lawn care business for over 4 years and have treated all kinds of grasses, weeds, pests and other lawn related issues. Choose us if you need an expert for your lawn.

We come fully equipped

Different lawn care services require different tools and materials. We have everything we need to get the job done right in house and always come fully equipped so your lawn is in perfect condition when we leave.

Best value for your money

We offer affordable lawn care services with the best value for your money. We think healthy green lawns should be the standard for every lawn owner. Quality is what we strive for.

Professional & experienced staff

Our staff members are fully trained, insured and have practical experience. You can always rely on them for expert advice on after care or any other lawn related issue.

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